Convenient Aggregate & Dump Truck Hauling in Westerville, Ohio

Receive timely and affordable aggregate and dump truck hauling services for all of your construction needs when you turn to Bakarr Enterprises Inc in Westerville, Ohio. We haul all types of aggregates for large construction companies.

Aggregate Hauling

Bakarr Enterprises Inc purchase aggregates for all of your construction-related needs. If you have a project coming up, feel free to use our trucks just for hauling, or we can buy the materials and haul them for you.

We strive to ensure our services are as convenient as possible. Please let us know if you need extra trucks. We use independent brokers, which gives us access to a great selection of trucks.

Dump Truck - Dump Truck Hauling

For your added convenience, we can also provide all of the necessary materials you need for your project and haul them for you. We can often times provide this service for a discounted price. Materials include:

• Limestone

• Concrete • Top Soil • Asphalt • Gravel • Sand


Quotes & Pricing

Choose from either a quote on 'buy and haul' or just the price for trucks. Our quotes and pricing vary based on distance for hauling, from where we are picking up to where we are dropping off, as well as the material that you need. Additionally, dirt and asphalt hauling are charged on an hourly basis. Because all of our dump trucks come in different sizes, pricing depends on the size of the truck.

Services Offered

Bakarr Enterrises offers a wide range of products and services which includes the purchase and delivery of all kinds of aggregates including sand,limestone,gravel,top soil,and asphalt. The company is also certified with the Ohio Department of Transportation to purchase material and aggregates. The company also provides snow removal in the winter.

Customer Service

Bakarr Enterprises,Inc recognizes the importance of a satisfied customer and strives to offer services that are of the highest quality. When contracting with Bakarr, our customers are promised superior services and a firm handshake. The company offers free estimates, competitive prices and fully insured trucks and drivers. Bakarr provides all sizes of trucks including tandems, tri-axlles, quads and Six axles.

Contact our heavy hauling company in Westerville, Ohio, to request a quote for convenient aggregate hauling services.